Corrugated Flute

Corrugated Flute

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About Corrugated Flute

Corrugated Flute is twin wall polypropylene sheeting designed for signage, displays, packaging, protection of surfaces and many other industrial applications.

It combines light weight with high strength, durability and impact resistance. It is also non-toxic as well as water and chemical-resistant, giving it a hygienic, weatherproof profile.

Corrugated Flute is 100% recyclable.

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1954 – Polypropylene is successfully polymerised by Giulio Natta and Karl Rehn.

1957 – Italian firm Montecatini commences large-scale production of commercial-grade isotactic polypropylene.

1985– The first twin wall polypropylene sheeting is introduced to the Australian market.


The light weight, durability, and chemical safeness of Corrugated Flute makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses, which include:

  • Graphics and Displays:  Weatherproof and durable, with a high ratio of rigidity to weight, Corrugated Flute is used for printing of advertising material for both indoor and outdoor signage and display panels
  • Printing: Corrugated Flute sheets are used by printers for screen, inkjet, flatbed digital printing and laminating
  • Packaging: Corrugated Flute sheets are used as protective packaging or converted into packaging for material handling
  • Protective Sheeting: Available in flat sheets, Corrugated Flute can be cut to size and used for protection of floors, walls and other architectural features. It is also used as a subsoil protection barrier.

Key Properties

Density relative to water (=1), 0.90
Water absorption (24 hrs), 0.02%

Continuous Service Temperature, -25 to 115°C (-13 to 239°F)
Linear Thermal Expansion, 15 x 10-5 / °C

Tensile Strength at Break, 28 Mpa
Rockwell Hardness (Shore D), 6.7
Impact Strength, Notched Izod @ 23°C, 127 J/m