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The use of this site is governed by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT OF SALE set forth below. Your use of this site or purchase from Plastic Wholesale indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Plastic Wholesale reserves the right to make changes to this website and these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. Headings provided in this section are a guidance only and do not take priority over the verbiage within this page, whether under one heading or another.

Plastic Wholesale is the service provider; it is also referred to as “Plastic Wholesale”, “us” and “we”.

Customer is the person or organisation who/which purchases or seeks services from Plastic Wholesale; it is also referred to as “you”.

All transactions made on the website will be transacted in Australian Dollars (AUD).


All orders placed are subject to confirmation and acceptance by Plastic Wholesale. To minimise errors and improve efficiency, orders should be placed using our on-line ordering system whenever possible. Other forms of ordering are accepted only if our on-line ordering system is malfunctioning or you have difficulty using it. Other ordering methods include email and telephone. For some organisations where a purchase order is necessary, we still encourage the orders to be placed on-line and followed by a summarised purchase order. A purchase order number field exists for customers to use where their invoice requires a purchase order number. Plastic Wholesale may vary prices for received orders in the event of price changes. We will advise you if this is the case and under these circumstances you will be entitled to a full refund if you do not want to subsequently proceed at the higher price. This is not expected to be a regular occurrence, however, might occur from time-to-time.

The quantity in stock does not take into account the orders already placed which are yet to be processed. It is possible that an order placed earlier by another customer will receive the allocation of stock in our system. Inventory discrepancy can also affect the accuracy of the stock status displayed on our website. Where there is no or only partial stock on hand to fill the order requested, customers will be offered either a full or partial refund. Under these circumstances the targeted delivery time to fill an order where there is insufficient stock for whatever reason, will be advised by email to the customer and the customer will be asked to confirm via email whether they want to proceed with the order based on the new targeted timing advised. Once the customer has confirmed that they would like to proceed, they are bound to the sale.

In other instances where plastic is available within a targeted time frame of 2 weeks, for example, because of a pending supplier production run or a pending arrival of the plastic, the customer is bound to the sale.

For the removal of doubt, Plastic Wholesale does not promise or guarantee the delivery of inventory on a specified date or time. Customers wanting this level of service should seek alternative suppliers. Plastic Wholesale may reject any order received for whatever reason by providing a full refund to the customer.

In addition, Plastic Wholesale does not promise or guarantee that products ordered previously will be identical to products ordered at a subsequent time. Further, Plastic Wholesale does not guarantee that products ordered within the same order will be identical, except that they will be chemically similar. For example, when ordering red acrylic with a colour code of 102, it is possible that the order will be filled from different production batches.

Further, Plastic Wholesale does not promise or guarantee that the images provided on the website are an identical representation of the products that you will receive. In addition, images can look different depending on what technology is being used to view them. The images should be used as a guide as to colours, texture and other properties the products have, rather than take it to mean that all products within orders and between orders will look and feel the same and be the same.

Any additional instructions provided to Plastic Wholesale on the website in the “Other Instructions” text box under delivery instructions such as “chamfer edges” or “drill holes”, etc will not be considered, but the material ordered shall be supplied, without these services being undertaken. The use of the input field for “Other Instructions” is for delivery instructions only. Reference to “chamfered edges” or “holes being drilled” is not an indication that we provide these services in each state, nor that we are prepared to do so on the order in question. Customers wanting these additional services should email us at the address provided and request a manual quote for the same.

Plastic Wholesale does not advise on the suitability of goods or services for your needs. In addition, if you make an installation mistake, Plastic Wholesale is not responsible or liable. If you provide us with information that is in addition to your order such as information describing the application you intend to use it for, we might not respond to your statement or question and our preparedness to supply these goods to you under these circumstances is not an indication that we have incorporated your point or information into our sales decision. In addition, if we were to provide comments regarding statements you make or questions you ask, we are not providing advice to you. In any event, we would strongly recommend that you contact a qualified builder, engineer, architect or other qualified party to address the issues you raise. You need to seek professional advice on whether the product is appropriate for your needs and how to install or use the products. On the rare occasion that a tradesman or you make a mistake we do not accept liability for any errors made.

The data sheets and other information provided on the website is for comparative purposes only and in many cases the variables provided are compilations of information from different sources. If you rely on this information for important decision making, you do so entirely at your own risk. Branded data sheets are available upon request and might have more information regarding the properties of the goods supplied. In any event, you should seek advice from a qualified builder, engineer, architect or other qualified party prior to making any product purchase decision.


For on-line orders, accepted payment methods include direct deposit, cheque, credit cards (Visa/ MasterCard ONLY) and PayPal. From late 2019, PayPal orders incur an immediate charge from PayPal which they do not refund if the order is subsequently cancelled or refunded. Prior to making payment via PayPal, it is your responsibility to check with us and receive confirmation in writing that we have stock available for you that meets your needs. If, for whatever reason, we need to refund you, we will deduct the amount of the charge that PayPal deducts from us.

The title of the goods supplied does not pass to the customer from Plastic Wholesale until the full amount is paid. Further, title to the goods supplied does not pass to the customer until Plastic Wholesale has permanent title to the payment received. For the removal of doubt, if due to an actual or pending financial event of the customer, including but not limited to bankruptcy, liquidation, voluntary or court appointed administration, among other things, the goods shall be returned to Plastic Wholesale. Upon returning those goods, Plastic Wholesale, in its absolute discretion, shall in part or full refund monies paid to Plastic Wholesale or extinguished debts payable to Plastic Wholesale, relating to the goods returned. A restocking fee of 30% of the value of the goods shall be charged at our complete discretion and shall be deducted from the final settlement amount paid, or added to the amount of any debts extinguished. If the goods are not returned, no refund shall apply.


Kindly note that if your order is going to be delivered via third party courier Star Track, and if you have taken Transit Warranty, that you pay special attention to the following paragraphs. If you or a representative, including loading dock staff, are at the destination at the time of delivery, kindly DO NOT accept the shipment until you have FULLY unpacked and inspected the delivered items. Please be advised that you can make the driver wait for you to inspect the goods, even if it is on a pallet, and if there is damage, you must reject the shipment and contact us immediately. If you or a representative, including loading stock staff sign the Proof of Delivery (“POD”), this event nullifies and terminates the Transit Warranty Policy, and subsequent claim for damage cannot occur.

In addition to this, if you are not at the destination at the time of delivery but have provided instructions to leave the shipment, and subsequently discover damage, this must be notified to us within 2 business days, including with evidence such as photographs of the breakage including the original dimensions of the broken item(s) and of the wrapping and packing. You must retain the goods and wrapping and packing for Star Track to retrieve as a condition of them paying the transit warranty claim. At their discretion they may decide not to retrieve the goods and we will notify you if they advise us of this.

The targeted dispatch for orders depends on several factors including whether cutting is required, interstate transfer of material is required, saws breaking down, among other things. Cutting can take 3-5 working days or more depending on the cutting schedule. Interstate transfers can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on where the stock needs to be transferred to and from. Once stock has been picked, and, if needed, cut, or transferred from interstate, targeted dispatch (dispatch is when it leaves the warehouse) is 1-2 working days. For most metro (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide) deliveries, this is the day after ordering, but can be longer dependent on several reasons outlined above, among others. Plastic Wholesale does not guarantee a delivery date or delivery time of the day, and customers needing that level of service are advised to seek alternative suppliers. No verbal assurances replace this clause. For the removal of doubt, we do not guarantee delivery dates or times. Customers are welcome to pick stock up, or arrange their own courier. When we arrange freight for you, we are doing so on your behalf, not as part of our business, and while we act in good faith with regards to the carriers we use, we cannot be held responsible for the service standard of those carriers. We recommend that customers select Transit Warranty to protect the stock they are ordering from damage or loss in transit. Only the proportional value of the damaged stock can be claimed, and not the value of a subsequent freight charge or a subsequent transit warranty charge.

Where customers select the Freight-On option, where their own carrier will pick up the goods, the pick-up address will be advised to them once the customer’s funds have been cleared. The targeted time-frame for picking up goods that are being shipped Freight-On is also dependent on whether the items are in stock, need to be cut, or need an interstate transfer, among other reasons. Whole products in stock and not requiring cutting can typically be picked up the same day or the next working day.

Where customers provide shipping instructions to Plastic Wholesale, Plastic Wholesale shall not be bound by requests by customers to have carriers “call on approach” or to be at the destination at a particular time. The logistics industry does not work this way and customers wanting this level of service should purchase from alternative suppliers or arrange their own carrier via the “Freight-On” option. While there is provision on the website for customers to provide additional delivery instructions, these are not binding on Plastic Wholesale and while Plastic Wholesale and the carrier might consider them, whether this happens or not is not an indication of acceptance of these instructions, in part or in full. For the removal of doubt, these additional instructions are not binding on Plastic Wholesale or the carrier.

Customers advising carriers or Plastic Wholesale that a particular delivery date or destination is no longer convenient, might incur a second delivery charge, which might be higher than the first delivery charge. Instructions on changes to delivery date or destination or other changes to delivery instructions must occur by 12PM Australian Eastern Time the day before delivery was scheduled to occur. Drivers for carriers sometimes call the customer on approach or during other times to confirm delivery details and in other instances customers contact the freight company on the telephone number or email address, or other means, provided to them. Customers are not to change delivery instructions through these conversations with the drivers or freight companies. If you refuse the first delivery, then this necessitates the payment of a second delivery fee. For example, if drivers agree to change delivery instructions provided to them by customers, such as delivering the next day because it is not convenient for the customer today, what has effectively happened in this instance is that the customer has forfeited the initial delivery option and needs to pay for a second delivery. Under these circumstances the driver’s preparedness to change delivery instructions and the fact that he or she has not explained the second delivery charge that will likely follow, is not relief for you from your obligation to pay the second delivery charge. Under these circumstances the second delivery will likely be blocked until we have received payment from you. The goods might be kept at a warehouse until the second delivery charge has been paid, or alternatively, you might be able to pick the goods up yourself, at our complete discretion.

Goods shipped may be left at the destination at the sole discretion of the driver and by proceeding with this order you accept full responsibility for any loss or theft that may occur. If, at their sole discretion, the driver decides to return the shipment to the warehouse, you would need to pick it up from there and will be advised of the address. You accept that it is common practice for items to be left at destination by the driver and at the driver’s sole discretion, returned to the depot where the driver judges it not safe to leave the goods.

All goods leave our warehouse in excellent condition and packed for shipment. Where goods have arrive damaged, or an order is missing or partly damaged or missing, customers are not entitled to a refund for part or whole of the order, but rather, if they took the Transit Warranty option, we will make a claim on their behalf for this breakage or loss, assuming the POD was not signed by the customer and the time lapsed since the order arrived did not exceed the aforementioned time frame.

Additionally, where, at the discretion of Star Track, or alternative carrier, there may be inadequate unloading facilities at the destination or they may have difficulty gaining access, or there is no forklift available to assist unloading, or where there is insufficient assistance to unload at the destination, including to fulfill specific delivery instructions that have been provided such as leaving at reception, front porch, or otherwise, including if was unsafe or imprudent to leave the goods, then the goods will need to be collected by you at the designated Star Track depot, or alternative carrier depot, the address of which will be advised to you. Under these circumstances, the depot will be considered the final destination of the shipment and the consignment contract fulfilled. You will be responsible for collecting these goods from this designated depot at your cost. For the removal of doubt, requesting delivery to a loading dock, front porch, reception, etc, will only occur if there is reasonable access, assistance and forklift at the destination if, at the sole discretion of the driver, it was determined necessary for the delivery. This is aimed to protect the driver from injury or extended delay and by proceeding with this order you agree that this provision is reasonable as common practice in the logistics industry.

By ordering from this website and choosing for us to freight the goods to you (as opposed to you arranging your own freight via the Freight-On option), you are providing a representation to us that there is good sealed road access and a reasonable flat area for unloading at the destination. If the shipment is returned to the depot due to road access difficulties or due to a lack of a reasonable flat unloading area (which is at the complete discretion of the driver) then you will be able to pick up the shipment up at the freight depot within 2 days (address will be supplied if this occurs), but no freight refund will occur. In addition, if you provide a new delivery address or subsequent delivery instructions, a second delivery charge might apply and might be more than the original delivery charge. Customers are responsible for paying any freight charges incurred by refused shipment, unclaimed goods, and, if you contact the freight company directly and provide alternative shipping instructions, including cancellation of shipment, any freight costs incurred therein, including any involving the goods being shipped back to the original warehouse.

The freight price mechanism on the website assumes that supply is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, however, from time-to-time, while we might have sufficient supply nationally, (and in other instances we might not have sufficient supply) the proximity of the supply might not be readily available in one or more or any of the states mentioned. In these situations, additional freight charged might apply to ship the required sheets from one state to another. We will contact you if this occurs and advise you of the additional freight charge. You would be free to receive a full refund if you did not want to pay the additional freight charges, subject to the provisions outlined under the Payment heading herein.

The freight price mechanism seeks to provide you with a targeted freight charge for most destinations across Australia however; sometimes the destination is not available. If this occurs, you can contact us on for a manual freight quote. Under these circumstances we will aim to email a quote to you for products ordered and associated freight. You would then be free to pay for the quote via direct deposit, credit card or other acceptable means and we would process your order manually.

From time-to-time, there are errors that occur with product prices and freight charges. We reserve the right to reject any order placed, even if paid for upfront, due to a mistake in the system. Stated differently, we are not bound to proceed with an order because the online order form has been completed. Further, orders may be rejected without providing notice or reason at our sole discretion.

Contractual or other decisions based on your order from the website should be avoided until the stock has been received by you. Stock levels can differ from quantities ordered on the website, even if the website has accepted your order. Some large customer orders can take a targeted time frame of 16 weeks to fill from local or overseas suppliers. We can provide you with further guidance on targeted delivery time-frames for orders via email at

Where Plastic Wholesale has received monies from customers for the purpose of providing transit warranty for the shipment during transit, the monies received by Plastic Wholesale may be used to place the goods onto a transit warranty freight account with an external freight carrier. Transit warranty does not cover theft or damage or other unforeseen events of the goods at the destination. Transit warranty does not cover the cost of shipment of a subsequent delivery or the cost of transit warranty for a subsequent shipment. These amount would need to be paid again prior to another shipment occurring. For the removal of doubt, transit warranty only covers the value of the plastic products shipped, and any claims are limited to the proportional value of the damaged goods. The goods will be left in accordance with the customer’s instructions provided at the time of ordering, subject to the matters outlined herein. The customer does not have any right to contact the freight company directly, but may do so via Plastic Wholesale. Where such correspondence is deemed excessive by Plastic Wholesale, in its absolute discretion, Plastic Wholesale may discontinue responding and/or forwarding correspondence to the freight company. Plastic Wholesale may self-warranty the transit warranty.

Plastic Wholesale will not be responsible for any transit warranty claim or value of the shipment where transit warranty did not cover the value of the shipment; where transit warranty was not undertaken by the customer; where any transit warranty claim was not lodged on time; where any transit warranty claim amount did not cover the loss of the customer for whatever reason; or where the POD was signed but where the stock was not inspected for breakage which was subsequently determined, among other reasons.


Refunds will only be available for defects in products, or where we have provided a service, there has been an error in the service provided. There are no refunds for any goods ordered from Plastic Wholesale due to the customer changing their mind; an expectation of quicker delivery; where a customer subsequently buys the product elsewhere; a lack of expertise for use of the product; mistakes in measurements provided to Plastic Wholesale, or ordering the wrong product, among other reasons. If at the absolute discretion of Plastic Wholesale, Plastic Wholesale decides to provide a refund, this will be after a 30% restocking fee is charged. This will be based on the value of the stock purchased. The customer will be responsible for all freight and transit insurance costs incurred, both from the warehouse and in returning the stock to the warehouse, plus other reasonable costs.

If the item(s) received is/are not what was ordered please do not open the sealed package in which it was sent. Any attempt to use the incorrect item will be deemed to be acceptance by the customer of the item(s) as a satisfactory substitute for the one that was ordered and no further claim can be raised thereafter.

Plastic Wholesale owns the title of any extra or wrongly shipped goods with your order that have been dispatched in error.

Where a customer has paid for goods using one payment method, and where the order does not proceed in part or in full, Plastic Wholesale may, at its absolute discretion, refund the money to the customer via direct deposit through its bank account. Under these circumstances Plastic Wholesale would require the customer name in full, the bank account number and the Bank/State/Branch (or BSB) number.

Overseas customers regularly purchase from Plastic Wholesale for local delivery to a freight forwarding company for onward shipment to the overseas destination. From time-to-time these customers require a refund. Where these customers have paid for the goods in a foreign currency, and where the refund is required to be transferred to an overseas bank, a service fee of Australian $120 + GST shall apply and shall be deducted from the payment made. Any refund transfers would require a signed written letter on business letterhead or a personal letter if an individual customer.

Where, at our absolute discretion we refund an overseas credit card, defined as a non-Australian credit card, from which an initial purchase was made, we shall charge a service fee of $120 + GST and this shall be deducted from the payment made.


All goods sold by Plastic Wholesale come with a warranty to be free from any defects or faults, with the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer depending on the product. Warranty sheets can be provided upon request. This warranty is not transferable and the warranty only exists for the initial customer, or if a person is buying on behalf of someone else (such as a builder buying for an end customer), their customer. Goods under warranty cover will be replaced by the manufacturer. Warranty only covers the item(s) sold by Plastic Wholesale and Plastic Wholesale shall not be liable or responsible for other costs associated with replacing the faulty or defected goods, including but not limited to labour, insurance claims, damage to other goods when seeking to remove the faulty or defective goods, et al.

All warranties are voided if the returned product is found in any way to be mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused, or physically damaged, either deliberately or accidental. Please attach a copy of the original invoice or provide the original invoice number. A detailed fault description must be sent together with all of the returning warranty goods, in addition to any other reasonable requests made by the manufacturer to assess their warranty liability. The customer is responsible for any shipping and transit insurance costs involved in sending the warranty claim goods back to Plastic Wholesale and for paying new shipping and transit insurance for any subsequent good being returned to the customer.


Due to changing market forces and other extenuating circumstances that affect product availability, and price stability we reserve the right to withdraw any product we advertise and change prices without notice.

Information contained throughout the web pages and in our database is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. There may be misprints, human errors, and omissions. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections in prices, products, and specifications without notice.

Images and other data displayed on this website should be regarded as illustrative and used for informational purpose only. The actual products are often not identical to the images shown or descriptions provided, and customers should not rely on the images or descriptions to match colour, texture or other characteristics with existing material or desired material. Material re-ordered at a later date will not necessarily be identical to the material ordered previously. The risk of colour matching, texture matching and matching any other characteristics or traits of the material including any risks associated with one order not being the identical product as another order lies entirely with the customer.

In some instances for larger orders or orders of slower moving items, there might be variations in colour, texture or other product characteristics within the same order as we pick from different batches made over time. In this regard, Plastic Wholesale does not guarantee or warranty that you will be able to obtain an identical product within the same order.